Bibliography: New Brunswick Literary Critics and Criticism

In addition to the writers who have enriched the province imaginatively, New Brunswick has also been home to some of Canada’s foremost literary critics. Many of those critics worked in academic settings, and some were creative writers themselves. They shaped our understanding of New Brunswick literature by promoting the works of provincial authors, preserving the history of our cultural past, and articulating the vital role that literature has played in New Brunswick’s identity and heritage.

Below is a list of the key critics of New Brunswick literature in the last three decades with links to websites and, where available, links to detailed entries in the New Brunswick Literary Encyclopedia. In all but one instance, these critics have distinguished themselves by their consistent contributions to the study of literature in New Brunswick.

The one exception is Northrop Frye, whose critical eyes were cast much wider than the province, but since he is Canada’s greatest literary critic, and he spent his formative years in the province (specifically Moncton), we claim him as one of our own.

Below this list of key literary critics is a brief bibliography of essential books and articles about the literature and culture of New Brunswick. Many of those critical works appear in the “Further Reading” sections of the NBLCE (see both Modules and Author Pages). The most essential ones are presented here for emphasis. The titles below offer the best starting points for the critical study of New Brunswick literature in English and in English translation (for the study of Acadian literature and culture). For a much more comprehensive bibliography of New Brunswick literature, researchers and scholars should consult the New Brunswick Literary Encyclopedia’s Bibliography section, which is currently the most complete bibliography of its kind that exists.

Key Literary Critics in English

Alfred G. Bailey
Gwendolyn Davies
Fred Cogswell
David Creelman
Northrop Frye
Michael Nowlan
Desmond Pacey
Malcolm Ross
Tony Tremblay

Key Works of New Brunswick Literary Criticism in English

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