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The New Brunswick Literature Curriculum in English (NBLCE) provides students, teachers, and readers with a thorough introduction to New Brunswick literature. The resource is designed to enable users to progress chronologically through New Brunswick literary history or to access a particular author, examine a thematic thread, or explore literary periods and clusters.

The Literature: Modules/Content (Vertical Bar on the Left)

Most of the content of the NBLCE is located in Modules and Author Pages. Modules are literary periods or clusters. There are ten modules arranged chronologically, from First Nations Story to Current and Contemporary Voices. Each module is organized as follows:

Module Name

  • Background and Context (of the period or era)
  • What to Expect in the Literature (of the module)
  • Featured Authors
  • Further Reading
  • How to Cite

Each module is comprised of a number of Author Pages. Author pages focus on individual authors. There are over forty author pages in the ten modules of the NBLCE. Each author page is organized as follows:

Author Page Name

  • Biography (of author)
  • Why Should We Read and Study (the author)?
  • Literature & Analysis
    • “Text A” (poem or story)
    • “Text B” (poem or story)
    • Analysis of “Text A” and/or “Text B”
  • Questions and Considerations for Reflection
  • Strategies for Teachers
  • Further Reading
  • Copyright

Supplementary Materials (Horizontal Tabs on Top)

The NBLCE has a number of other features to assist users. Under About, users will find information about the NBLCE, as well as information about copyright and citation. Under Resources, users will find a number of useful tools and unique ways to access the content in the NBLCE. Developers aimed for simple and intuitive design for all aspects of the NBLCE.