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Below is a listing of the Modules, Author Pages, and Supplementary Materials found in the New Brunswick Literature Curriculum in English. Modules and Author Pages are listed here in the order in which they appear in the curriculum. For brief summaries of what can be found in the ten Modules below, see Thumbnail Sketches under Resources on the main page of this site. To select a Module or Author Page, click on the appropriate line in the vertical bar on the left.

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First Nations Story

Background and Context
“How the Mohawk War Party Was Drowned”
“How the Wabanaki Confederacy Began”
“Glooscap and His Four Visitors”

Pre-Confederation Writers and Poets

Background and Context
Jacques Cartier
John Gyles
Jonathan Odell
Adam Allan
Oliver Goldsmith
William M. Leggett
Peter John Allan
James De Mille
Martin Butler

Confederation Poets

Background and Context
Charles G.D. Roberts
Bliss Carman
Francis Sherman

New Brunswick History in Fiction

Background and Context
from The Nine Lives of Charlotte Taylor

Modernism and the Fredericton Ferment

Background and Context
Alfred G. Bailey
Kay Smith
Fred Cogswell
Robert Gibbs

Confessional Humanism

Background and Context
Elizabeth Brewster
Alden Nowlan

The Tantramar Revisited

Background and Context
John Thompson
Douglas Lochhead
Allan Cooper

The Acadian Renaissance

Background and Context
Ronald Després
Antonine Maillet
Raymond Guy LeBlanc
Guy Arsenault
Herménégilde Chiasson
Rose Després
Gérald Leblanc

The Literary Miramichi

Background and Context
Michael Whelan
Raymond Fraser
David Adams Richards
Wayne Curtis

Current and Contemporary Voices

Background and Context
M. Travis Lane
Elisabeth Harvor
Anne Compton
Brian Bartlett
Alan Wilson
Lynn Davies
R.M. Vaughan
Tammy Armstrong

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