New Brunswick Literature Curriculum in English

Welcome to the New Brunswick Literature Curriculum in English (NBLCE). Designed for students, teachers, and general readers, the curriculum is a guided reading tool for those who want to know more about New Brunswick literature. That citizens of the province do not know their own literature is a problem that has existed for a long time. In the colonial world in which New Brunswickers lived for generations, writers from other empires were considered more important. And today, with globalism pressing upon us, some might wonder why a New Brunswick literature curriculum is important at all.

It is important because we live in multiple worlds, our own New Brunswick world often being the first or the most formative we encounter. The experience of that first encounter provides the seeds for our identity, influencing the way we grow, respond to others, and meet the larger world. Reading the literature of place enables us to recognize those processes of growth and identification.

Reading our literature also provides us with the self-knowledge to contribute meaningfully to our society. A confident and productive population is aware of its histories. A healthy and happy citizenry takes pride in its heritage. New Brunswick literature shows us where we've come from, who we are, and how we are likely to meet the future. It is with the aim of meeting that future that the NBLCE is offered.